Thursday, January 15, 2009

The View from Up Here

I haven't actually been able to see my feet for a while, but if I lean over a touch I can see them peeking out! I am 26 1/2 weeks now and Grace is kicking away in her little bear den. Jack & Emma are thrilled to have a little sister - though I am not sure they realize quite what they are in for. Emma loves to rub my belly and sing to the baby, and Jack is a great helper and brings me what I need. They are going to make a great big brother and big sister!!

Wasp 1 Jack 0

We aren't sure where he got the bite, but apparently Jack got stung on his forehead by a bee or a wasp yesterday. He came home from school with a big golf ball on his forehead, and today the swelling on the forehead is down, but it has migrated down to the bridge of his nose and his eyes. He is doing pretty well, not complaining at all and doesn't seem to have any difficulty. OF COURSE today was class photo day at school. We told the teachers if they wanted Jack could help the photographer take the photo, but apparently they put him in, perhaps as a reminder to all the children not to cross paths with those winged, stinging creatures!!