Monday, May 18, 2009

Buto a.k.a. Edwin the Cat

If anyone out there is an "Olivia" fan, you will understand the Edwin part. Buto gets carried, dressed up, and otherwise molested on a daily basis and manages to keep her sense of humor through it all. She refuses to run and hide, but stays a real part of the family with all of us. Of course, not without an occasional flea bath, which contrary to the photo below, was actually taken in stride as well.


Rainy Day Fun

We have needed rain so badly, today was a good day. We all convened upstairs in Emma's room, and played with the baby, the cat, and Emma's wedding dress. Emma put her veil on the cat, which was not appreciated, but she still remained quite tolerant considering. Grace is growing in leaps and bounds, and is moving into her 3-6 month clothes (at 7 weeks!). We got an adorable dress for her from the Franks today, 6-9month size. At this rate, she will be in it in a few weeks!