Saturday, August 30, 2008


Every time I mow the lawn, Jack begs, pleads, and tries to get me to let him mow. Usually, he holds on while I push or use the power setting. The other day, daddy decided to see what he could do. With his engineering brain, he had it all figured out... In a couple years, we will have free child labor.

Biking Fun

The Princess:

& The Showoff:

Power Wheels Pile-On

First Day of School

We got teary eyed (for a moment) at how big Jack & Emma are. They started their first day of Fledgling class on Monday. They loved it. They only are going 3 days a week, but it has already made a big impact. They have music class, art class, computer class, as well as singing, dancing, toy playing, and socialization. Emma got really mad this week at ballet because none of the other girls would talk to her. Never mind they weren't supposed to, they were there to learn to dance, not to talk and play, but coming after 3 days of school I think it was a difficult adjustment for our little talkaholic. In any event, even though it is a bit sad that our kids are growing up, we are very excited for them and all they are going to do and learn.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Buto the Monster Slayer

Did I mention the only reason Emma will sleep upstairs in her big girl room is because she is convinced that Buto will kill any monster that should happen to get past the monster alarm (ADT) that we set every night? Buto curls up on the little pink wicker chair until Emma falls asleep, and then comes down to eat her dinner and returns to sleep at the foot of her bed. She does this even after getting her tail yanked, fur plucked, eyes poked, and getting locked in drawers by the very little monster she is trying to protect.

My Big Kids

Well, Jack & Emma have officially moved into their big kid rooms upstairs. It makes us sad at how grown up they have become, but on the other hand it is a bit of a relief, as constant care for twins in the last 4 years has been exhausting. I am finally sleeping through (most of) the night, unfettered, and the kids have their own space now so they aren't at each other's throats all the time. I haven't figured out how to decorate them. I am not a big one for themes, so it is going to have to be classic and cute. Any suggestions?
They start school in a week, and I am not sure who is looking forward to it more. No, wait, I can answer that - Steve and I!! We have a quick 10 minute walk from our door to their classroom. One cool thing is their teacher taught my cousins, Tim and Garrett when they were that age, and Miss Luci remembers them fondly. It is only 3 1/2 hours a day, but it will give them some much needed structure, and us an uninterrupted train of thought.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Star Is Born

We had ballerina day camp yesterday, and it was a hit! Jack was sick again with fever and couldn't go, but Emma went and had a great time. They learned some new moves, got to watch a big ballerina dance, and made a picture frame. At the end, they got to play dress-up in frilly costumes, and dance in front of the rest of the girls to music. We peeked in the windows, and Emma was a riot. She is so used to running through the house at a million miles an hour, I think the teacher was somewhat concerned for her safety as she ran around the studio as fast as she could! When she came out, you can see she was very pleased!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Monsters

Jack was talking to his grandfather while we were out in UT. He asked Jack how our cat, Buto, is doing. The exchange went like this:

Papa: Jack, so, how is your new kitty doing?
Jack: She's good.
Papa: Oh, that's good.
Jack: Yeah, except when she scratches us.
Papa: Scratches, you? Why would she do that?
Jack: Because we are little monsters...

Apparently, they ARE listening. This is what I them they are when they torture our poor, sweet, innocent cat, who wants nothing more than to play with their toys and go through life unmolested.